Karyildiz - KYZ Hose Clamp

Karyıldız Clamps and Automotive Spare Parts, under the name of our company is engaged in the manufacturing industry also has been producing since 1995. Unconditional, without compromising quality experience with every passing day we continue our efforts in the future by passing a rapid growth. Every day we move forward in our technology and progressing fast steps towards to becoming a world brand. Our company operates in handcuffs and in the manufacture of automotive spare parts have a wide range of products; Our motto is high quality, productivity, leakproofing and customer satisfaction. Of being useful to our country and our people, our mission of peace will be made, re-igniting the energy potential will lead us in line with our objectives. We believe that the humankind and trust much more important than the capital Hope to meet and serve you, best regards
Our Mission
Assuming a role in shaping the future of the industry it is involved, maintaining the current position of our company in global competitive conditions and targeting sustainable development, Consistently and markedly boosting the value we add to our customers, empoyees, community and environment through our efficiency, agility, quality and productivity, Displaying sensitivity towards environment for the sake of creating the future's nature today across the awareness that every individuall has the right of living in a healthy and balanced healthy environment.
Our Vision
Constantly expanding our quality, brands and patented products together with our experience and knowledge base, creating values for Turkish and global economy at buisness ethics and corporate culture standards, and turning out to be a corporation that pioneers the future of the industry.